Media Team

The Media Team consists of experienced and active members of the EYP who are interested in the field of journalism. The Media Team aims to enhance the participants’ experience of the session. Through media output they capture everything that happens during the session, but also contribute to the academic level of the discussions and brings some fun features as well. To ensure a high quality of the outcome, the Media Team is led by Editor(s) and their assistants who possess professional graphic, language and technical skills.


Giada Benfatto (FR)
Matthijs Quaijtaal (EE)

Editorial Assistants:

Iman Slaka (SE)
Jan Ruflin (CH)

Media Team Members:

Bariş Can Kaştaş (TR)
Caspar Carl Spilmann (CH)
Cian Horgan (IE)
Dominika Wójcik (FRPL
Efthimios-Enia Gojka (AL)
Eliška Rezková (CZ)
Jago Lynch (UK)
Joshua Honeycutt (IT)

Katarina Stefanovic (RS)

Laura Korn (NL)
Ricarda Pfingstl (AT)
Samuel Stronge (UK)
Sezen Deniz Tokadam (TR)
Terje Soelsepp (EE)
Vanda Petrak (HR)


The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament. EYP Czech Republic is a National Committee in the EYP network.