Each committee is led by an experienced member of EYP, a Chairperson. The team of chairpersons is led by the board consisting of a President and three Vice-Presidents. The task of a Chairperson is to motivate their committee to work as a team and to provide it with support and guidance, if needed, throughout the process of discussion. They are also responsible for the academic preparation of delegates and thus ensure their educational progress.


Vivek Gathani (UK)


Laure Steinville (FR)
Daniels Griṇevičs (LV)
Armine Khamoyan (AM)


Hannes Ahlvin (SE)
Tim Backhaus (FI)
Stella Benfatto (FR)
Hidde Fokkema (NL)

Arman Gasparyan (AM)
Jakob Gutschlhofer (AT)
Bernat Just (ES)
Triin Kaup (EE)

Elisa Martinelli (IT)

John McGuiness (IE)
Dobilė Minkutė (LT)
Ali Okumuşoğlu (TR)
Marta Sznajder (PL)
Onur Can Uçarer (TR)
Anna Zellweger (CH)


The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament. EYP Czech Republic is a National Committee in the EYP network.