Event Theme

‘Seeking the heart of Europe’

The motto represents three important aspects which will be promoted throughout the event.

Active citizenship in everyday life.

Modern civilisation needs citizens with a heart in the right place. Citizens who care about people and challenges they are facing, take actions that impact local community, city, region, country, or even the whole Europe, and inspire others to build strong civic society.

Common European goals and values.

Migration crisis, rising populism, and acts of terror challenge the way citizens perceive Europe’s future. The heart of Europe, as it exists in our minds, unites us in our common vision for a Europe that despite political and cultural differences is able to remain a liberal and peaceful continent.

Discovering Central Europe.

Brno, the city in the heart of Europe, as well as the surrounding region, is recognised for its beautiful sights and unconventional solutions. This open-minded university city creates a perfect environment for constructive discussions and innovative ideas.


Furthermore, there are several keywords that characterise our event. These are presented and explained in the picture below.


The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament. EYP Czech Republic is a National Committee in the EYP network.